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Voice of participants​

Here are some of the comments received in the questionnaire after attending the training.


  • I was aware that I often become negative and it takes time to get out of it, so it was great to learn specific methods of self-control. I would like to incorporate it into my daily life and strengthen resilience. I felt that half a day was short because it was a field I wanted to know more deeply. (Finance, 2018)

  • I learned that eliminating negative emotions is not effective, but that you need to use your strengths to turn positive. I want to make good use of myself in the future. I am glad that I received a direct answer to the question I submitted in advance. (System, 2018)


  • I think I have a strong negative side, so I want to let go of those feelings as soon as possible. There were many things I wanted to put into practice from today when I received this training. (Municipal staff, 2018)

  • I once again felt that it was important to do what I could do immediately. By taking action, I think that there are effects such as being able to see what to do next and being motivated. I will make positive remarks. I found that lacrosse was the same as when I was doing my first job, and I wanted to talk to him at work in the future. I think that it is useful in business to develop the fields that I am good at without using negative words. (Municipal staff, 2018)


  • I wanted to incorporate the content of resilience training into my own study session. I want to make use of "searching for good places" to create communication between employees. (service)


  • Increasing my resilience affects other staff, so I wanted to consciously go to work (long-term care worker)

  • It was easy to hear the story with a slow rhythm. I felt like setting goals and working hard to continue working in the future (long-term care worker)

  • At the beginning of the new year, the staff will be sick, but I'm careful not to use negative words, and I think I've become quite positive. Even difficult things are enthusiastic with the feeling of having fun. (kindergarten)


  • When I was exhausted after the day, I was happy to hear that the staff said, "I am fully demonstrating my abilities," and I thought that we were able to demonstrate our experience. It felt like the obvious thing changed to joy.  (Education / Manager)

  • I didn't notice it because I didn't use negative words myself, but when I was careful after taking the training, I found that my subordinates used negative words.  In particular, I noticed that the more mistakes people make, the more negative words such as "this is impossible" and "difficult". (Service / Manager)

  • The whole work was fresh and very educational. I want various people to receive this work, and I also wanted to participate. I will try to use the paraphrase of negative words immediately. (Education / Manager)

  • I realized that the contents of the workshop are useful for solving and alleviating human troubles in various situations on a daily basis. (Groups / staff)

アンカー 2
Voices of coaching training participants in Sydney, Australia (August 2014)

I think I grew up after receiving coaching training. I often get consultations from various people, but I just tell them what I thought and thought. Asking the other person a question to get their answer was a different approach and was very convincing. My own thoughts are not all the best answers for the other person.

And I would like to review what I have gained in these three days so that I can naturally do it for others and make it my own.

(Mr. T, a man in his 20s)

With the polite and warm coaching, I was able to solve my emotionally stagnant problem naturally. I had a coaching session for the first time in my life, but I think I needed it for a long time. Coaching was mainly about work, but I think coaching is very important and necessary as a means of solving and improving problems in life.

(Female M in her 30s)

I attended personal coaching and seminars. It was really good to see the coaching article and apply immediately when I was feeling uncomfortable.

Especially in personal coaching, I was able to re-recognize myself in the past and present by drawing out what is inside me one after another. At the end of coaching, you can see the future and feel refreshed! I think I can do more! I was confident that.

(Female Y in her 30s)

This seminar was very meaningful to me. 
I feel that what I am looking for has become clearer. (Male B in his 50s)

Originally, I was very interested in psychology, and this time I participated because I thought that I could learn something useful for communication with myself and everyday relationships.
I really don't have the opportunity to take such a seminar in Japanese, so I was very grateful.

It was valuable to have learned that it is very easy for beginners to understand, enter, and can be used in everyday life, such as I expression, question type, self-discovery, and person type instead of You. After that, I talk while being conscious of I expression and And expression.

Also, since it was a Japanese seminar, I had expected it to be a seminar where I would listen to the lecture and take notes, but it was completely different and it was good that it was an experience-based seminar. (Female A in her 30s)

Although I was able to imagine somehow by participating in the coaching training, what came out of me was beyond the scope of my imagination.  Recognizing various factors that I didn't notice was a big win, and I feel that the seminar was more meaningful than I had expected. 

I realized that my consciousness was completely within me.  I think this seminar was an opportunity to realize that it was important and to correct the trajectory.  

I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in the future as my consciousness changes. (Female D in her 40s)

Thank you so much for providing us with a wonderful opportunity and place.
After that, my feelings became very calm and calm, and I had a wonderful day.

(Female in her 50s  Mr. C)

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