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Human resources are a corporate treasure

Without the growth of employees, the company will not grow.

The growth and development of a company can only be achieved if employees are enthusiastic about their work and achieve their goals.
In other words, human resource development is very important, and we would like to utilize external training there.

Here, I would like to think about the relationship between companies and human resource development.





An environment that nurtures the strengths of each individual  


The word "diversity" is often heard in the last few years.
Diversity means "diversification" in Japanese, and refers to the movement to utilize each difference in business, including not only age, gender, and nationality, but also work styles and individual values. increase.

People have their strengths and weaknesses, and no one is the same. By developing the strengths of each and creating an organization that can complement each other's weaknesses, both the company and its employees can grow.
In an organization where similar people gather, it may be easier to work, but we cannot expect a “synergistic effect” that stimulates each other. From now on, it is said that the number of companies that can take advantage of individual differences as their strengths will grow.

In order to positively work on diversity and create a vibrant organization, it is important not only to create an in-house system and environment, but also to develop human resources who work there.


Creating a vibrant and bright workplace  


If there are stressed employees or if the relationships between employees are not good, the atmosphere in the workplace will be stagnant and productivity will decrease. In severe cases, it can lead to mistakes and accidents, leading to an increase in turnover.

Creating a bright workplace requires mutual trust and common goals. The workplace is a safe and secure place, and on top of that, we will build a relationship where members can cooperate with each other and a relationship of trust that does not accumulate stress.
However, this alone is still the same as a hobby circle. A vibrant organization can only be achieved if everyone understands the common goals that they should aim for, aligns the vectors, and grows.
An organization that is highly motivated and allows members to work together toward their goals will develop human resources that will be a force for the company.


Effect of external training


One of the merits of training by an outside instructor is that you can experience experiences that your company does not have. In other words, there is a stimulus from touching different cultures of external lecturers, which is not found in in-house human resources. You can also learn about external cases and trends accordingly.

If managers receive coaching seminars and resilience training as needed, and if their subordinates are successfully trained, it will lead to the vitalization of the organization. Also, if the manager himself can use business coaching to solve problems and become confident, he will be an excellent person who can aim for further improvement.
By appropriately using external training according to your company's needs, it will be possible to develop human resources in a more timely manner.

If you are thinking of developing human resources, please use our institute for coaching and resilience training.
At our institute, we support the organizational strength of companies through the provision of business coaching, personal coaching, and various types of training. In resilience training, you can choose from stress response, positive thinking, relationship building (team building), and improvement of motivation according to the human resources development needs of the company.
Experience coaching using telephone or Skype is also available, so please feel free to contact us.

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