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Junko Fukaya



"Resilience" is the ability to recover from feelings and grow up through the experience of failure, so that you will not be dragged even if you are depressed due to failure or setback. We provide seminars, training, and coaching to spread resilience to as many people as possible.

I have worked in the IT industry for over 20 years.

Experienced as a programmer, system engineer (SE), consultant, manager, planning and development, manager in overseas management department. I think there were more failures than successes.

There were times when I was about to break my heart, such as system troubles and complaints, pressure to achieve my goals, failure in English, mental leave for my subordinates, and balancing childcare.

Each time, I accept the situation, change my mind, squeeze my wisdom, help others, and manage to overcome it. Originally, I was easily depressed and couldn't recover mentally forever, but as I overcame many trials, I suddenly became accustomed to not dragging.

Why is it that even a very talented person is not motivated because his heart is broken and he cannot exert his strength?

On the other hand, some people recover quickly even if they experience failure and move on to the next one immediately.

It is more useful to have each person's feelings and feelings, not to be smart and knowledgeable. Although knowledge and judgment can be replaced by computers, only humans can understand and handle emotions. I was drawn into a world I knew until then, and decided to change my direction to an analog world that is the exact opposite of IT, training and coaching using psychology and brain science. Through the experience of adversity, I will grow further. I spend my days thinking about resilience.

I want as many people as possible to shine. Even if it is difficult to see the future and you do not know what will happen, I hope that you will spend every day thinking that you are okay. To that end, I would like to increase resilience and help myself.


Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, graduated from Yamaguchi University Faculty of Science

Worked as a programmer at a software development company

Worked as a Japanese teacher at a language school in Sydney, Australia

1988 Joined IBM Japan

Experienced as SE of banking system, service development, service implementation department manager, manager at Asia Pacific headquarters, consultant, etc. Received the 2007 President's Award for receiving orders for large-scale projects.

March 2011 Retired from IBM Japan

August 2011 Established Fukaya Resilience Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Membership of professional institutions



Qualification etc.

Book / Writing

Co-authored paper (English) January 2021

Japan Disaster Research Vol.16 Special Issue on COVID-19 and Historical Pandemics

Study of New Normal Business Continuity to Improve Resilience Against Uncertain Threat

Japanese version February 2021 Resilience Association

Research on new normal business continuity to improve resilience in the face of uncertain threats

ResilienceView No. 32

Monthly Magazine Nurse Manager September 2018 Nissouken

"Daily involvement to increase staff resilience"

" Technology that does not drag " Asa Publishing April 2016


Contributed by Resilience Association


Risk Contribution

November 2012

Realization of IT resilience-Utilization of ISO27031 IT service business continuity guidelines-

Vol.26 "Get out of the premise of an earthquake" Learn from the international standard ISO / IEC27031

July 2011 When formulating an IT-BCP as a mechanism for continuing IT services, most of them are disaster countermeasures with earthquakes in advance. We recommend that you formulate on the premise of IT outage risk, including operational mistakes and program errors.

"Get out of the premise of an earthquake" Learn from the international standard ISO / IEC27031 (PDF / 1.1MB)


Vol.23 "Preparing for Positive Risks" January 2011 
We recommend that you consider "positive risk countermeasures" that can be considered when your business is growing rapidly in cooperation with "negative risk countermeasures" that assume the occurrence of a disaster.

Preparing for positive risk (PDF / 921KB )


Introduction to "New Influenza Business Continuity Plan" by Tosei Shinposha June 2009

It summarizes the points to consider regarding measures against new influenza. There are also infection prevention measures, BCP formulation points, and specific countermeasure examples. In addition, it is an introductory book that covers a wide range, including legal and labor issues.


Nikkei BP "Business Continuity Practice Guidebook" March 2009

Explains measures against new influenza.

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