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Human resource development / organizational development


Resilience leaders can also increase the resilience of their subordinates and revitalize the organization. Combining resilience with traditional leadership training helps create an organizational culture that can proactively address difficult tasks, even in stressful tasks.

Do you have such a leader / manager?

  • I'm not good at taking the initiative

  • It's painful to take care of my subordinates

  • I feel that people grow up, not grow up

  • I want you to understand without explaining

It may be because the vector is not pointing to the subordinates.

People are not interested in others because they have nothing to do with their own profits and losses.

The leader himself says that the vector is suitable for his own interests

I can't notice the condition of my subordinates.

If you can't control your emotions, you'll be wrong with your subordinates.

The leader who cannot say his true intention from his subordinates is isolated,

It has low resilience and makes it difficult to demonstrate leadership.


With four resilience actions

□ Stop

□ Change

□ Go (take action)

□ Up (grow toward the goal)

□ Support


Respond to the voice that "leadership is difficult to learn"

The following voices are heard regarding leadership training.

"I understand it in my head, but I don't know how to put it into practice."

"It's hard to change my behavior pattern"

"It's hard to feel the effects of training. I think it's the same as reading a book."

"It's difficult because there is no model around."

Resilience leader training courses will respond to such voices.

  • For the purpose of creating new habits, we focus on follow-up other than lectures.

  • We will motivate you in the pre-interview and confirm the effect in the post-training interview.

  • Coaching will support your practice in a timely manner.

  • By sharing the experiences of the students, you can learn specific practical methods.

Program contents

* 1 Interview with students, boss, and lecturer

* 2 The instructor will create it after all the programs are completed.

The content and period of implementation can be customized, including partial implementation.

​Contents of group training

​We will estimate the cost. Please contact us for details.

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