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Required resilience training


Today, it is said that about half of the Japanese [* 1] are in a stressful society where they feel stress.


In an era of uncertainties where the future is difficult to see, competition and pay for performance have been introduced, and stress is inevitable for everyone.

You need to be conscious of trying to deal with stress and control it well.  


[* 1] Reference: "Overview of the 2013 National Life Basic Survey" (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

What is resilience?


I think resilience is not only the strength to keep up with adversity, but also the feeling that it is okay to break.
Resilience includes "self-esteem" that values oneself, "self-affirmation" that accepts oneself as a whole, including not only strengths but also weaknesses, and "optimism (positiveness)" that is sure to work. , I think it is necessary to have a "sense of contribution to others" that tries to do its best for someone other than myself.
Resilience is a skill that anyone can get. Resilience of each person has a positive effect on the surroundings and leads to the strengthening of the organization.  


How to improve your resilience


It takes time to acquire resilience through classroom lectures. This is because it is difficult to learn Being (the way of mind) even if you can learn Doing (what to do) in the self-development book. Being can be learned through relationships and experiences. By receiving resilience training centered on workshops (pseudo-experiences) and practicing it at each site, you can quickly acquire resilience. The combination of resilience training and coaching will deepen your learning.

Our institute provides resilience training and training not only for individuals aiming to improve resilience but also for companies. Group training and coaching sessions by phone and Skype are held nationwide, and face-to-face executive coaching can also be provided within the Kanto area.


We also offer customization of resilience training programs to suit your needs.
The full-package resilience program, which follows the flow of pre-assessment → group training → coaching → follow-up training, has also been well received. Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

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