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Training theme

We provide training and lectures according to your needs, such as themes, target audience, and time.


Theme "Resilience Training-How to Develop Dreams-"

Target: New employees, second year members of society, young employees

・ Looking back on the enthusiastic experience (motivation)

・ Positively overcome slumps and trials (positive thinking)

・ Use frustration as food for growth (stress response)

・ How to challenge new things

・ Creating personal connections that are indispensable for resilience behavior

・ Creating an action plan

* Half-day to one-day training, 20 students per class

* Resilience training that makes the most of Yutori generation employees

Theme "Resilience Training-How to Switch Mental Gear-"

Target: Leaders / Managers

・ Four resilience behaviors

・ Bottoming out and switching negative emotions

・ Flexible and positive positive behavior

・ Motivation for growth

・ Connections with people that are indispensable for resilience behavior

・ Creating an action plan

* Half-day training, 20 to 30 students per class

* 94% of the participants answered that they were "very useful and useful" in the questionnaire.

Theme "How to Train Resilience-Personality Strong against Adversity-"

Target: General employees / managers

・ Four resilience behaviors

・ Brake negative emotions

・ Act with positive thinking

* 90-minute lecture, 70 participants

Theme "Resilience of the mind in crisis response"

Target: For local government employees

・ Three resiliences (infrastructure, system and organization, mind)

・ Stress received by supporters who went to the disaster area

・ Case study on mental resilience

・ Mental health care that people working at disaster sites should know

·Case Study

・ Mechanism of stress response and coping method

・ What to do in the midst of the crisis, what to do after the end of the crisis

・ How to train your mental resilience in normal times

* 120 minutes lecture, work, about 50 participants

Theme "Increase resilience and open up dreams"

Target: Junior high and high school students

・ Four points to notice your strengths

・ Good and bad usage of strengths

・ Overcoming what you are not good at

・ Achibus experience

・ Mechanism of stress

・ Three steps to deal with stress

・ Use negative emotions

* 1-day training, 10 to 15 students per class

Theme "Resilience Woman"

Target: Working women

・ What is resilience?

・ What is necessary for resilience woman

・ Stress response

・ Positive thinking

・ Use your strengths

・ Group work "If you are appointed as a manager to create a comfortable workplace"

・ Announcement and voting of projects

* 120 minutes lecture, group work, about 70 participants

Theme "Training to improve motivation to become a professional agency"

Target: Insurance agency

・ Be aware of your strengths and use them well

・ Motivate

・ Looking back on successful experiences

・ Increase happiness with gratitude, positive emotions, and personality

・ Setting goals required for professionals

* 60-minute lecture, work, 20 to 50 participants

Theme "Resilience Training-Creating an Unbreakable Heart in Adversity-"

Target: Leaders / Managers

・ What is resilience? -Resilience required for leaders-

・ Coaching-Teaching techniques to develop subordinates-

・ Basics of coaching "listening, telling, asking questions"

・ Find strengths

・ Use emotions, thoughts, and behavior patterns well

・ Stress control-Coping with stress in the workplace-

・ Negative emotions and learning

・ Positive thinking

・ Rephrasing the weaknesses without using negative words

・ Motivate

・ Looking back on internal motivation and memorable work

・ Create a future implementation plan (self-checklist)

* 1 day training, 20 students per class

Theme "Stress management training for subordinates"

Target: Managers

・ What is a bad leader? What is a good leader?

・ Stress control

・ Mechanism of stress-Types of stress response-

・ Coping with the stress of subordinates

・ Get positive thinking

・ Coaching conversation

・ Creating a bright workplace

* Half-day training 1 class 20 people

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