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Deal with stress well

When you hear "stress", you tend to think that it is not good for your daily life.

However, not all stress is bad, and there are good and stressful things to grow yourself.

It is necessary not to assume that "stress = bad guy", but to deal with stress well while maintaining the balance between mind and body.


Good stress and bad stress  


1. Good stress that leads to growth


Good stress leads to actions to avoid danger.

For example, when I go on a business trip abroad for the first time or climb a mountain in winter, I feel nervous and anxious. Therefore, it has the effect of preparing carefully, avoiding dangers, and producing good results.

On the other hand, if you don't have the stress of tension and anxiety, you risk failing to prepare, so stress is a necessary emotion to protect yourself.


There are other good stresses as well.

For example, in promotion and transfer, there is a feeling of tension and motivation to "do your best even in a new position", but this is also a good stress.


On the other hand, failures and setbacks in an unfamiliar environment are common,

The experience of failure as a result of actively working on something leads to growth if there is learning there.

In that sense, the stress caused by failures and setbacks can be turned into stress that is good for you by making positive use of it.


2. Bad stress that has a bad effect on the mind and body


Bad stress can be anxiety, depression, or other cases that cause you to feel depressed and affect your body.

You may not be able to take appropriate actions due to narrowing of your field of vision such as anger or jealousy.


The former causes mood and stagnant behavior, while the latter causes bad behavior.

If left untreated, it may lead to mental illness such as depression, behavior leading to accidents, and aggressive abnormal behavior.

It has become a serious problem in a stressed society, and stress care is needed.


Behind the bad stress is negative emotions. Negative emotions are not one, they are complicated, and it is important to control stress and take care of them without accumulating them.


How to care for stress  


If you feel stressed, we recommend that you take care of it as soon as possible.


Common care methods include regular life (sufficient sleep), exercise, chatting and hobby divergence, but the easiest thing to do at work is to take a deep breath. Inhale slowly with abdominal breathing and wear slowly. Repeat 2-3 times and you will feel calm.

If you feel any stress, take a deep breath.


Stress feelings remain in my heart and do not go away easily.


In such a case, it is recommended to write down what you feel in your heart and talk to someone.

By using words that are moody or frustrating, you can know the true nature of stress within yourself, and you may be able to see how to deal with it.


The important thing in stress care is to face and accept your own stress.

If you know your stress properly, you can control your stress well without having negative emotions forever.


Increasing the following two hormones can also help with stress care.


  • Happiness hormone "serotonin"

    It affects the stability of the mind. It is secreted by a regular life of getting up early, rhythmic exercise, chatting, skinship, etc.


  • Pleasure hormone "dopamine"

    Improve aspirations, memory and learning effects. It is secreted by eating, exercising, and relaxing.



Reduce stress with positive thinking  


It's important to look at the good side, not the bad side of things.


Focus on what you can do rather than what you can't do, and be aware that you can increase your self-efficacy by saying, "I can do it."


Instead of aiming for perfection

"This is fine"

"Even if you have a problem, you can manage it."

It is also important to use positive thinking to survive, such as "the bad situation will end someday."


Optimistic thinking reduces stress.

As part of resilience training, our institute provides "stress response workshops" to enhance stress response capabilities. Please feel free to contact us as there are also courses that improve stress tolerance and at the same time develop positive thinking ability and build and maintain motivation.

For companies, you can choose training content such as general employees, managers, and organizational units according to your needs.

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