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Research activities

We are conducting research activities on the following themes.

  • Research on resilience components

  • Research on methods (training and education) to increase resilience


Resilience component research

We believe that six factors are needed to increase resilience. 

Resilience is enhanced by overlapping each element.

  1. "Stress response" patience and physical and mental health 

  2. "Optimism" Positive thinking, flexibility and adaptability to the environment where the good side of things can be seen

  3. "Empathy" The ability to understand and connect with the feelings of others and the ability to communicate 

  4. "Problem-solving ability" Thinking ability, analysis / judgment ability and sufficient knowledge 

  5. "Self-esteem" Goals that lead to self-efficacy (confidence) and motivation 

  6. "Executive power" The power to sustain behavior and the power to involve others

Organizational resilience assessment tool

Research institutions of New Zealand's resilience organization " Resilient  The "Resilience Thumbprint Tool" , a tool developed by "ORGANISATIONS" to evaluate the resilience of an organization, has been translated into Japanese and used as a diagnostic tool. Click here for PDF file

13 indicators are used to diagnose whether an organization can overcome a crisis. See the figure on the right. Click to enlarge.

Leadership, staff engagement, decision making, situational awareness, innovation and creativity, effective partnerships, knowledge utilization, vertical breakthroughs, internal talent, integration of objectives, positive attitudes, strategy development, load testing plans


看護人材育成 日総研

連載 考える力を伸ばす!主体性は成長を支える! 教えすぎない指導

第1回 2022年4・5月号 考える力を伸ばす指導~総論

第2回 2022年6・7月号 対話による導き

第3回 2022年8・9月号 コーチング技法を磨く

第4回 2022年10・11月号 感情を学ばせる

月刊ナースマネジャー  日総研

2022年11月号 「クレームやトラブルで傷ついたスタッフへのフォロー」

連載 しなやかな人材・組織へ! ”乗り越える力”を育む考え方・かかわり方

第1回 2021年4月号 「失敗や困難を乗り越える技術」

第2回 2021年6月号 「幸福感を高める導き方」

第3回 2021年7月号 「目標づくりを支援する」

第4回 2021年8月号 「ストレス対応を支援する」

第5回 2021年9月号 「褒めて育てる~アクノレッジメントを使う」

第6回 2021年10月号 「レジリエンスを育む」

2018年9月号 「スタッフのレジリエンスを高める日々の関わり方」

Yuai  UAゼンセン

月刊機関紙にて、エッセイ「レジリエンス 心の筋トレで人生をひらく」を2020年1月より連載中


Resilience of BCP personnel

APEC Supply Chain Resilience  Responders Resilience  Workshop  September 26-27, 2016 (Bancock)

This year's theme for the annual conference, along with the seven principals needed for supply chain resilience, is "Responders Resilience." Over the two days, the workshop was divided into the resilience of the person in charge, the resilience of the leader, and the resilience of the organization, and was in charge of the workshop on the resilience of the person in charge.

"Human Resilience for Business Continuity"

Resilience of people in crisis response

Japan Society of Civil Engineers 2016 National Convention September 7-9, 2016

Resilience engineering (research debate) aimed at the safety of local communities

"Resilience of People in Crisis Response" Paper

Topic provided presentation materials

Safety Engineering Symposium 2016 July 7-8, 2016

Resilience Engineering for Community Safety (Organized Session)

"Improvement of human resilience" presentation material

Business Continuity Management-Guidelines for the Human Aspects of Business Continuity

PD25111: 2010 Explanation of BSI guidelines

Guidelines written around the psychological care of persons in charge of business continuity and their families.

​ "Contents regarding the treatment of people necessary to minimize trauma (mental damage) and maximize productivity and resilience (motivation, performance) in order to achieve business continuity goals" (excerpt from the guidelines)

Human Resilience Subcommittee, Resilience Association

We hold a study group on mental resilience.

The monthly meeting is open to observers at any time. If you wish, please contact us from here.


Resilience Japan Promotion Council

Creating a mechanism to foster resilience The Comprehensive WG is promoting the resilience of the mind necessary for national resilience.

Link Collection


米国心理学会 American Psychological  Association

米国国務省 Department of State

Nicholson McBride



       アクセスコード付書籍 : 「さあ、才能(じぶん)に目覚めよう」「ストレングスリーダーシップ」「心の 中の幸福のバケツ」 



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