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Resilience Training FAQ


Here are some frequently asked questions about resilience training.

 01 01   Can resilience training be used as rank-based training?

Resilience training can be incorporated at all levels. Although we have a track record of providing training for general employees, training for managers, and training for senior managers, resilience training for leaders and managers seems to be particularly effective. Increasing the resilience of employees themselves not only leads the company as mid-career employees, but also has an impact on subordinates and juniors. Resilience training is also effective in raising the gear of feelings for mid-career employees who want to do their best and employees who are expected to take on higher positions. It has been available on Zoom since 2020.

 02 02   I would like to start mental health training. Do you have any examples?


There are many examples of incorporating resilience training into mental health training. From general employees to managers, by learning resilience, including stress management and positive thinking, you can learn concretely how to recover by yourself even if you are depressed. In addition to stress, you can improve your ability to repel stress by learning how to set goals and build relationships with people in order to lead a better company life. Resilience training for managers also teaches how to deal with the stress of subordinates.

  03 03   Can I receive resilience training by myself?

​ Resilience training that can be received individually is provided by online courses using Zoom. It consists of four 90-minute courses. You can retake the course for 3 months after taking the course. Public seminars are held irregularly, so please check the website.


  04 04   Is it possible to change the content of resilience training?

Resilience training is not a fixed menu, but is customized according to the corporate culture, occupation, and role. It is possible to change the training content by having a meeting time in advance. Participants will be asked to submit assignment reports in advance, conduct simple assessments, and distribute related books to increase their motivation to attend the training.

In addition, group training is a combination of lectures and workshops among participants to establish knowledge. By adding one-on-one business coaching with the instructor after the training, it is possible to support the practice of what you have learned. For details, please request the materials.



  05 Can I request a lecture?


Lectures on resilience are held nationwide. Since part of the lecture has been introduced in the case, from here please check. The content of the lecture will be available upon request. In addition to lectures, simple work is incorporated so that participants can learn resilience on their own. We offer a wide range of services for women, managers, labor union sponsors, local governments, junior and senior high school students, etc., so please consider it. If you would like to know more about the contents, please contact us from here.


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