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Service features


All services aim to leverage each individual's strengths and increase resilience.

We support the development of resilience human resources who are resistant to adversity and the resolution of organizational issues.


​Ideal for training for ranks

​Resilience training

You can learn the resilience necessary for a stressed society. This is a practical course where you can recover even if you are depressed and do your best with positive thinking.

It is also suitable for training for new employees and training for leaders. Details page


​The answer is in me


Coaching is the time to face yourself and find the answer within you. Recommended for those who want to think and act for themselves and want to change the current situation.

・ Business coaching

・ Personal coaching

・ Coaching pass (all you can receive for a fixed amount)

​ We will respond face-to-face, Zoom, Skype, telephone, etc.

Details page


​Learn at your own pace

​​Online course

This is an online course using Zoom. Four 90-minute courses each week. Textbooks will be distributed in advance, and you can retake the course for 3 months after taking the course.

Introductory course starts on Saturday, December 4th​

Leader edition  Starts on Saturday, November 13th

Participation fee: 10,000 yen (excluding tax)

Capacity: 8 people Course details


​Focus on learning

​Lectures / seminars

We will provide various lectures and seminars with contents that match the target audience and theme.

From 1 hour to half a day.

[Seminar example]

・ Resilience required for diversity

・ Resilience to open up dreams

・ Connect stress to growth

・ Stress seminar for new employees

・ Coaching basics for leaders, etc.



Implementation example  


​From high school students to college students

​Course for students

It enhances the feeling of working hard toward future goals and the feeling of self-esteem that makes you feel important to yourself. You can also learn how to build relationships that allow students to connect with their surroundings.

Work-centered hands-on training based on EQ (Emotional Intelligence).​ Details page


​Resilience for a better society

​Research activities

We are conducting research and research activities on mental resilience.

  • Joint research

  • Writing / Contribution to a journal

  • Media appearance etc.

Research activities / links

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