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Stress control (first step)

The stress that many people are feeling. In particular, many people in their 30s and 50s have stress, and stress care is an important issue for companies as well.


How stress occurs


Stress is caused by some unpleasant stimulus (stressor).

There are three types of stressors: "physical stressor", "chemical stressor", and "psychological / social stressor".


  • Physical stressor        Heat, cold, noise, congestion, etc.

  • Chemical stressor        Tobacco, drugs, exhaust gas, etc.

  • Psychological / social stressor  Relationships, work problems, family problems, etc.


What is a stress response?


A "stress response" is a reaction caused by a stressor, which is caused by the secretion of stress hormones.

It is classified into psychological reaction, physical reaction, and behavioral reaction.


  • Psychological stress response   Anxiety, frustration, depression, depression, etc.

  • Physical stress response   Headache, stiff shoulders, back pain, loss of appetite, insomnia, etc.

  • Behavioral stress response   Increased work mistakes, increased drinking and smoking, etc.


Know your stress level


If you have a lot of stress reactions, you may be in a state of intense stress. If you do not take some measures, you will be in an unfavorable state both physically and mentally. Let's start by looking back on our current life and knowing when we are prone to stress and what stress symptoms we have.

Stress check


Due to the revision of the Industrial Safety and Health Act, stress checks for employees will be mandatory for business establishments with 50 or more employees from December 2015. You can receive the same simple stress checklist presented by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare at the following sites.


⇒ "Workplace stress self-check that can be done in 5 minutes"


There are 4 questions and 57 questions. Please use it to know your stress condition.

1. About the state of work (17 questions)

2. About the state of mind and body (29 questions)

3. About the support status around (9 questions)

4. Satisfaction (2 questions)

Resilience training and stress response workshops held at this institute aim to deal with stress of oneself first, and then to support people who have stress around them.
Ideal for managers who want to improve their ability to deal with stress to their subordinates. We will help you create a bright and vibrant workplace through stress care.

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