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We aim to realize a happy society with resilience of people, organizations, and communities. ”


"Resilience" means resilience and elasticity.

Resilience is the ability to recover from a depressed state after experiencing difficulties and adversity, to adapt to changes in the environment and circumstances, or to pave the way for yourself. Resilience is also the ability to fully demonstrate the power that can be possessed by flexible and positive thinking even if you feel stress or pressure.


We will do our utmost to help each and every one of us acquire and utilize our resilience. We will support you in fostering resilience so that you can take advantage of your strengths, think that it is okay to experience difficulties and adversity, and have the feeling of taking on challenges toward your dreams.


Individual resilience leads to corporate and organizational resilience and becomes sustainable social resilience.

By enhancing communication that connects people, respecting each other, and creating a comfortable working environment, the resilience of the organization will increase, and a happy society will be created by an environment where people can work with a sense of purpose and where they can live with peace of mind.


We will contribute to the realization of a happy society through training and coaching that enhance resilience.

Representative Director Junko Fukaya

Company Profile


Company Name     : Fukaya Resilience Research Lab (English name: Fukaya Resilience Research Lab)

Creation     : November 1, 2010

Setting up     : August 1, 2011 (registered as a corporation)

Representative Director: Sumiko Irene Fukaya Profile

location     : 7-2-6 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Nishi-Shinjuku K-1 Building 3F

☎ 03-3940-3522


Business content
  • Providing resilience training for individuals / companies

  • Providing business coaching / personal coaching

  • Research activities on resilience

  • Lecture / writing activities

Membership of professional institutions ​​​

Collaborative company

  • ​​ Nissoken Publishing Co., Ltd. and others

Service provision record

Aeon Super Center Labor Union, Shimane Prefectural University, Japan Academy of Nursing Management, UA Zensen, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce, Yamaguchi Prefecture Nursing Association, Onoda Chamber of Commerce, Yamaguchi Prefecture Kudamatsu City Hall, National Regional Bank Association, Senon Co., Ltd. Aflac Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Yamaguchi Prefectural Human Development Foundation (Autonomy Training Department), Union Yamaguchi, Union Kanagawa, Kagawa Prefecture Health and Welfare Department, Cabinet Office National Resilience Promotion Office, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Chubu Regional Development Bureau, Canon Labor Union Yamukai Branch, SCSK ServiceWare Corporation, PSC Co., Ltd., Toshiba Information Systems Co., Ltd., Eiki Information Systems Co., Ltd., International Soroptimist Hofu, All Japan Air Transport Co., Ltd., Japan NCR Co., Ltd. (many others)

Japan Resilience Award (Resilience Award) 2016

Received the Excellence Award.

Organizer: Resilience Japan Promotion Council


The Fukaya Resilience Research Institute received an award for excellence for "providing programs to improve resilience."

Going forward, we will continue to strive to provide research activities and programs with the aim of increasing the resilience of children and adults and creating a society where they can play an active role.


Organizer's site

The "Japan Resilience Award" was established in November 2014 as a system for discovering, evaluating, and commending efforts to build a resilience society for the next generation that is being developed nationwide. ..

We solicit entries from companies and organizations engaged in activities that contribute to the development of a strong country, community, human resources, industry, technology development, product development, etc., and perform the primary selection (document screening) and final screening (judgment committee screening). After that, each award has been selected.
(Excerpt from the organizer's site)

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