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Asa Publishing
Technology that does not drag
The moyamoya of the heart disappears quickly
Written by Junko Fukaya

1,300 yen + tax 

Everyone can fail or not get what they want. Even in such a case, we have summarized the characteristics of those who can move forward without dragging and those who can learn from failure experiences and grow further.


It explains in an easy-to-understand manner the "resilience" that anyone can train.

table of contents


Chapter 1 You can't move forward even if you're dragging

Chapter 2 Knowing "Resilience", a technology that does not drag

Chapter 3 Train your "resilience" in your own way

Chapter 4 "Stress Response" is trained in 4 steps

Chapter 5 12 Ways to Get Out of the "Drag" State Now

in conclusion

Amazon Audible site  You can hear "technique that does not drag" by voice

Publishing in Taiwan

  • April 2017 A translated version was published in Taiwan.

  • January 2018 8th in the ranking by genre

​Introduction on the Internet

Introduced in a magazine

  • Nikkei Business Associate (July 2016) How to create an "unbreakable heart" that can withstand difficulties

  • Nikkei Money (February 2017) Taking advantage of failure, take a step forward! What is an environment where you can invest with a strong mentality?

  • Nikkei Business Associate Skill Up Series (December 2017)

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