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​About Us

Sumiko Irene  Fukaya


Personal History

IBM Japan (1988 --2011)

  • Held position as System Engineer, Consultant, and Manager

  • Responsible for business management, distribution, and employee training programs as the Senior Manager of the Asia-Pacific Services Dept. (2004-2005)

  • Supported clients BCP / BCM by developing IT-BCP and Resilience IT-System, testing, training, and evaluating for 20 years.

  • Worked a large project worth 30 billion yen and was awarded the President's Award (2007)


Fukaya Resilience Research Lab (2011 to present)

  • International Coach Foundation Associate Certified Coach

  • Over 500 hours of coaching, over 100 clients

  • Provide Building Resilience program to companies and students

  • Research work for BCP members' mental resilience

  • Received “Japan Resilience Award 2016 award of excellence”


IBM Experience was  mainly System resilience and changed career to human resilience after the catastrophic disaster in 2011.  More focusing on happiness and keeping challengeable attitude during the hard life events for every generation.

Favorite phrase:  The answer is within you.


The Resilience Research Council of Japan, standing director

  • Human Resilience Section, chairperson

Association for Resilience Japan, advisor to the secretariat

  • Working Group To Formulate A Plan To Foster Resilience In People, active member

International Coach Foundation, full  member member

  • International Coach Foundation, Associate Certified Coach

  • Mental Health Management Line Care Cource

  • Bousaisi

  • Graduate  Yamaguchi Univercity, Biology major  

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