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Coaching FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about coaching.

 01 01   What is the difference between coaching and teaching?

Coaching is the time to think for yourself. Only you can find the best answer. Teaching teaches knowledge and methods, and there is a hierarchical relationship between the teacher and the student, but the coach and the client are on an equal footing, and the coach's questions can be answered freely. Coaches do not give advice, but may offer clients choices in the form of case studies and suggestions. The client has the right to choose and decide what to do and what not to do, and coaching is based on thinking and acting independently.

 02 02   What should I prepare for coaching?


There is nothing special to prepare, but I think it's a good idea to organize what you want to talk about in advance. Coaching time will pass in a blink of an eye, so make a note of what you care about so that you can concentrate on thinking as much as possible, and set a goal for that time as to what kind of state you want to be when coaching is over. It is good to leave it. At the beginning of Cochin, we will ask you "what you want to talk about" and "what kind of state you want to use this time to bring". Coaching is a purposeful conversation. Being able to use it meaningfully gives you time to move forward.

  03 03 Can I request team coaching?

​ Team coaching is coaching that is carried out by people involved in the work. Use coaching to see what you can do to reach your team's goals. The gathered members will coach each other on an equal footing. Encourage proactive action to identify each role, resolve questions and perception gaps, and help achieve goals. Coaching supports the creation of a team that has a common goal and allows each member to fulfill their responsibilities. Team coaching by a third-party coach is effective when the organization or goals are new, or when you want to bundle people with different positions and positions. Please contact us from here.

  04 04   Is group coaching possible?


At our company, group coaching is provided for those who want to learn coaching techniques. You can learn coaching from the standpoint of each coach and client, or from the standpoint of an observer.

It may be incorporated in the training for leaders and managers. It is also effective as a practice after learning coaching. For those who want to improve their coaching skills, it will be an opportunity for participants to experience various question patterns and learn about their attitudes and behaviors as coaches. Currently, group coaching is part of resilience training or upon request. For more information, please contact us.

  05 05 What kind of person is coaching?


Various people are coached, but what they have in common is that they want to change themselves and get the desired condition. Rather than thinking alone, talking to your coach will help you organize your thoughts and create awareness, which will make it easier for you to act. Not only leaders and managers with business issues, but also those who are changing jobs or job hunting, those who are preparing for qualification exams, those who are thinking of getting married or divorced, etc., have different motives for coaching. increase. Coaching is also an option if you have the time to face yourself and want to take it seriously.

  06 06  Is it possible to coach in English?


Sometimes it's hard to say that it's Japanese, but it's straightforward to say it in English. This is because the ambiguous expressions of Japanese are returned and difficult to understand. It is possible to coach in English only, or to mix Japanese instead of all English. Coaching is the time to find the answer in yourself. Choose a language that is easy to speak.

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