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Voice of participants ​

​ Here are some of the comments received in the questionnaire after attending the training.


  • I was aware that I often become negative and it takes time to get out of it, so it was great to learn specific methods of self-control. I would like to incorporate it into my daily life and strengthen resilience. I felt that half a day was short because it was a field I wanted to know more deeply. (Finance, 2018)

  • I learned that eliminating negative emotions is not effective, but that you need to use your strengths to turn positive. I want to make good use of myself in the future. I am glad that I received a direct answer to the question I submitted in advance. (System, 2018)


  • I think I have a strong negative side, so I want to let go of those feelings as soon as possible. There were many things I wanted to put into practice from today when I received this training. (Municipal staff, 2018)

  • I once again felt that it was important to do what I could do immediately. By taking action, I think that there are effects such as being able to see what to do next and being motivated. I will make positive remarks. I found that lacrosse was the same as when I was doing my first job, and I wanted to talk to him at work in the future. I think that it is useful in business to develop the fields that I am good at without using negative words. (Municipal staff, 2018)


  • ​ I wanted to incorporate the content of resilience training into my own study session. I want to make use of "searching for good places" to create communication between employees. (service)


  • Increasing my resilience affects other staff, so I wanted to consciously go to work (long-term care worker)

  • It was easy to hear the story with a slow rhythm. I felt like setting goals and working hard to continue working in the future (long-term care worker)

  • At the beginning of the new year, the staff will be sick, but I'm careful not to use negative words, and I think I've become quite positive. Even difficult things are enthusiastic with the feeling of having fun. (kindergarten)


  • When I was exhausted after the day, I was happy to hear that the staff said, "I am fully demonstrating my abilities," and I thought that we were able to demonstrate our experience. It felt like the obvious thing changed to joy.  (Education / Manager)

  • I didn't notice it because I didn't use negative words myself, but when I was careful after taking the training, I found that my subordinates used negative words.  In particular, I noticed that the more mistakes people make, the more negative words such as "this is impossible" and "difficult". (Service / Manager)

  • The whole work was fresh and very educational. I want various people to receive this work, and I also wanted to participate. I will try to use the paraphrase of negative words immediately. (Education / Manager)

  • I realized that the contents of the workshop are useful for solving and alleviating human troubles in various situations on a daily basis. (Groups / staff)

Impressions by training theme

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