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E-mail magazine "Resilience Communication"

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​Benefits of this e-mail newsletter

Point 1: Can be usedGet a way to practice resilience

You can get hints for the trends at that time and the challenges that many people are feeling.

Try what is written in the e-mail newsletter. With the slightest change, you'll get different results than yesterday.

You will get a helpful method of resilience practice.

This is an e-mail newsletter for those who want to find a way that suits them.

Point 2:Learn about resilience

Learn about social events and trends from a resilience perspective.

Not only positive psychology, brain science, NLP and coaching, resilience as a business method,

Introducing familiar resilience through movies and dramas. ​

Point 3:You can ask questions to the e-mail magazine author

If you have any doubts, you can ask the author Junko Fukaya directly by replying to the e-mail newsletter.

The person himself / herself always reads and replies to his / her impressions and questions.

Not only can you read the e-mail newsletter, but you can also communicate in both directions.

​About the author of the e-mail newsletter

Junko Fukaya

After working at IBM Japan in 23 years, he started his own business as a lecturer and coach in 2011. In his previous job, he was engaged in SE, consultant, managerial position, Asian region charge, etc. Through a number of heart-breaking experiences, I realized the importance of emotional strength and suppleness as much as technology and knowledge.

During managerial positions, he experienced mental leave for multiple young subordinates. When I was in charge of the Asian region, I experienced mental toughness between my foreign boss and my subordinates, which Japanese people do not have, which made me interested in psychology and resilience.

Engaged in disaster area surveys and recovery training in Japan and overseas, and keenly aware of the importance of mental resilience, has also influenced the current efforts.

By spreading resilience and increasing the number of people who practice it, we hope that each and every one of us can live a positive life and be happier, and we preside over the Resilience Practice School. We provide resilience lectures, seminars, training, and coaching from high school students to working adults.

​ International Coaching Federation Associates Certified Coach, Disaster Prevention Officer

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture Graduated from the Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University, and has four family members: husband, eldest son (worker), and eldest daughter (university student).



  • "Technology that does not drag" Asa Publishing 2016

  •   Taiwanese translation version  2017

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